Building Management

The County's proprietorship program, created in 1989, established with the Executive Officer the authority and responsibility for the maintenance and security of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.  As a result, the Building Management division was created to oversee and direct the maintenance, security, custodial services and the coordination of special building-wide projects for the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.

Responsibilities and projects of Building Management include:

  • Coordinating the day-to-day maintenance activities between the service providers and the tenant departments.
  • Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure that the building is accessible and complying with local, State, and Federal safety regulations to ensure the safety of employees and the public.
  • Coordinating enhancement and required retrofit projects under an austere budget.
  • Developing and implementing enhanced security systems for the building including security cameras; digital recording equipment, upgrading and alarming emergency exit doors; and adding exterior lighting.
  • Developing policies and procedures for the building concerning such matters as loading dock access, solicitation, signage, building activities, etc.
  • Identifying and coordinating building-wide improvement projects within the annual operating budget such as duct cleaning, plumbing repairs, and equipment upgrades.
  • Coordinating with tenant departments on special projects such as the network infrastructure, rewiring projects, and energy efficiencies.
  • Special activities include filming by the movie industry requiring the issuance of a film permit from Film L.A. and coordination with tenant departments.
  • Overseeing the Building Emergency Coordinator program which ensures the building’s emergency response team conducts mandated drills and receives training and supplies.