Citizens' Economy Efficiency Commission

The Commission conducts reviews of all aspects of local government policy, management, and operations. Upon the completion of these reviews, the Commission submits its recommendations to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Commission on HIV

The Commission reflects the thoughts, views and actions of approximately 50 dedicated individuals who represent different Los Angeles County communities, people with HIV, providers serving them, public health interests and other perspectives impacted by this devastating epidemic.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is a Charter-mandated body charged with acting as the appellate body for major disciplinary actions, discharges, reductions, suspensions in excess of five days, and discrimination complaints filed by County employees within the Civil Service System.

Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee

CCJCC’s mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the local criminal justice system by strengthening interagency communication, cooperation, and coordination.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission

The Coliseum Commission is a governmental entity established under a Joint Powers Authority agreement dated September 25, 1945 between the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, and the City of Los Angeles. The Coliseum Commission’s purpose is to provide for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (opened in 1923) and Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (opened in 1959).

Quality and Productivity Commission

The Quality and Productivity Office provides central support and coordination through the Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors for the many activities of the Commission. Executive Director Jackie T. Guevarra, Program Manager Laura Perez and Program Support Tammy Johnson carry out day-to-day operations, coordinate activities, and respond to the requirements and direction of the Commission. They also work with the Countywide Productivity Managers' Network in carrying out their responsibilities.

Civilian Oversight Commission

On January 12, 2016, the Board voted to implement a Civilian Oversight Commission (Commission) with the mission to improve public transparency and accountability with respect to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Commission shall provide robust opportunities for community engagement, ongoing analysis and oversight of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department policies, practices, and procedures, and act as an advisory body to the Sheriff, the Board, and the public.

The Commission shall be comprised of nine members representing the Board, and providing expertise in such areas as custody, community engagement, juvenile justice, and mental health. The Office of Inspector General and its staff will work closely with the Commission and be accountable for investigations. The Executive Director and Commission staff will assist the Commissioners and the Commission’s work in a high level administrative and support role.

Employee Relation Commission

Employee Relation Commission (ERCOM)

The Executive Office provides staff support for the Employee Relations Commission (ERCOM), a body established by Ordinance in 1969, to regulate labor relations in Los Angeles County. The focus of the Commission is centered upon the establishment of bargaining units, the conduct of elections for certification and decertification of unions, and the investigation and hearing of unfair labor practice charges filed by employees, unions, and departments. The Commission also administers the processing of arbitration cases within the County.

Recently, the Commission has been conducting a number of 'agency shop' elections in various bargaining units pursuant to contract language in a number of agreements. In addition, the Commission has adapted to a substantial increase in the number of hearings granted to individual employees. The Commission staff is unified with that of the Civil Service Commission thereby making the staff of these commissions more efficient.

Office Of Inspector General

The Office of Inspector General was created by ordinance in 2014. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors created the Office of Inspector General to provide independent and comprehensive oversight and monitoring of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and its jail facilities. The Inspector General reports directly to the Board of Supervisors and makes regular reports to the Board on the Sheriff's Department's operations. Reports to the Board of Supervisors are public reports.

Office of Child Protection (OCP)

Office of Child Protection (OCP)

The OCP works to fulfill the Board’s charge of protecting children by collaborating with County agencies, the community and other entities to identify problems impacting child protection and safety, and develop solutions that will improve how the system serves children and families. The goal is to strengthen our child protection system and promote better communication, coordination and accountability that will minimize, if not eliminate, the risk that a child known to one or more entities in our system will be harmed.

Probation Oversight Commission

Probation Oversight Commission

The Probation Oversight Commission is a civilian oversight body that advises the Probation Department and the Board of Supervisors and monitors the Probation Department’s progress on systemic reform. The first body of its kind in the nation, the Board of Supervisors voted to implement the Probation Oversight Commission in 2020 as a result of the dedicated work and recommendations of the Probation Reform Implementation Team (PRIT).

Commission Services Division

Commission Services Division

Commission Services Division provides administrative and staff support to 22 County advisory commissions, joint powers authorities, and non-profit corporations. For additional information on commissions administratively supported by the Executive Office of the Board, membership rosters, factsheets, and to submit your interest to serve on a commission, please click here.