Meetings of the Board

The regular meetings of the Board of Supervisors are held every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in the Board's Hearing Room located at 500 West Temple Street, Room 381B, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration in Los Angeles. The regular meeting of the Board held on the fourth Tuesday of each month is primarily for the purpose of conducting legally required public hearings on zoning matters, fee increases, special district proceedings, property transactions, etc. On Tuesdays following a Monday holiday the meetings begin at 1:00 p.m.

Address The Board

The meetings of the Board of Supervisors are open to the public. A member of the public requesting to address the Board on an agenda item will be allowed a total of three (3) minutes per meeting, and a request to address the Board must be submitted in person to the Executive Officer of the Board prior to the item being called. The Board may limit the public input on any item, based on the number of people requesting to speak and the business of the Board.

In addition, a member of the public has the right to address the Board on items of interest which are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board. A person may make a presentation on a non-agenda item, but the presentation shall not exceed three minutes in length.

A person addressing the Board on a matter under the supervision of the Department of Children and Family Services shall not disclose any case identifying information which is made confidential under the provisions of Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 827 and 10850. Such person is advised that such matter is not within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board, that it is not within the power of the Board to alter the outcome of a court matter and that because of confidentiality laws, the Board may not comment on any such matter. Therefore, the Chair shall request that the person's comments which relate to confidential case identifying information be put into writing and forwarded to the Director of Children and Family Services Department. The Chair or any member of the Board may request the Director to provide the Board with a confidential report on the case.

Rules of the Board

In order to assure that business is conducted in an orderly fashion and that all have an equal opportunity to see and hear the proceedings, the Board has adopted a set of rules for conduct during the Board meetings. An excerpt from the Rules of the Board, which outlines the responsibilities of the public, is printed as an appendix to this information pamphlet.  Copies of the full text can be obtained from the receptionist in Room 383 of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, or by calling (213) 974-1424.

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