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147 2019-00194 2019-00194 DE7AA48A-60FB-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Los Angeles County Drainage Area Project Local Cost-Share Reimbursement11/26/2019 Public Hearing Pending  
148 2019-00195 2019-00195 3874522D-61FB-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Detachment and Transfer of Landscaping and Lighting Act District No. 1, Zone 1b11/26/2019 Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 5  
149 2019-00196 2019-00196 7624DEFE-61FB-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation for the Operation of a Head Start Program11/26/2019 Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 2  
150 2019-00197 2019-00197 89C9774C-62FB-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Sherbourne Dr. Preferential Parking District11/26/2019 Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 2  
151 R2014-01586-(5) 2019-00198 D68DF10B-63FB-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Palm St., Altadena Condos11/26/2019Appeal (Non-Applicant)Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 5 Altadena
183 2019-00199 2019-00199 3A429385-AE00-EA11-9D47-00155DDA7A122020 Los Angeles County Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Residential, Green Building Standards11/26/2019 Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 2 Supervisorial District 3 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5  
141 2019-00187 2019-00187 A23ABDAD-35F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Annexation and Levying of Assessments for County Lighting Districts10/22/2019 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5  
142 2019-00188 2019-00188 9CB71E01-36F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Hearing on Annual Pass-Through 5-Year Water Rate Adjustment10/22/2019 Public Hearing Closed, Item ApprovedSupervisorial District 3 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5  
143 2019-00189 2019-00189 E94DF92F-36F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Los Angeles County Library Facilities Mitigation Fee Year-End Report and Capital Improvement Plan10/22/2019 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 2 Supervisorial District 3 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5  
144 2018-002518-(4) 2019-00190 8B2D8586-36F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Appeal of Project No. 2018-002518-(4)10/22/2019Appeal(s)Public Hearing Closed, Item Continued for 4 Weeks Hacienda Heights
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