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141 2019-00187 2019-00187 A23ABDAD-35F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Annexation and Levying of Assessments for County Lighting Districts10/22/2019 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5  
139 2019-00184 2019-00184 D246FD85-5CCF-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23Annexation and Levying Assessment for County Lighting Districts and Negotiated Exchange of Property Tax Revenues in the City10/22/2019Legislative ProjectResolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 2  
145 2015-03108-(1) 2019-00191 08240403-37F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23East Los Angeles Zoning Consistency Update10/22/2019Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing Closed, Project Approved, Final Ordinance PendingSupervisorial District 1 East Los Angeles
146 2019-001930-(1) 2019-00192 63A94938-37F0-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23East Los Angeles Third Street Form-Based Code Amendment10/22/2019 Public Hearing Closed, Project Approved, Final Ordinance PendingSupervisorial District 1 East Los Angeles
187 2018-002863-(1) 2019-00179 B82F45EA-B9B7-E911-9D47-00155DDA7A12City Terrace Cafe9/24/2019Appeal (Non-Applicant)Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 1  
188 2018-002861-(1) 2019-00180 4F87688B-C2B7-E911-9D47-00155DDA7A12City Terrace Restaurant9/24/2019Appeal (Non-Applicant)Public Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 1  
189 2019-00185 2019-00185 4F666306-E0D4-E911-9D47-00155DDA7A12Resolution to increase members of the Artesia Cemetery District Board of Trustees9/24/2019Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 4  
201 2019-000224-(3) 2019-00153 FCE19670-2157-E911-AA19-00155DDA7A12Santa Monica Mtns. Local Coastal Program Amendment (Ramirez Canyon)9/24/2019Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing Pending, Continued to 9/24/19Supervisorial District 3 Santa Monica Mountains
140 2019-00186 2019-00186 E0299753-FBE5-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD23The Los Angeles County Tobacco Ordinance9/24/2019 Public Hearing Closed, Adoption of Ordinance PendingSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 2 Supervisorial District 3 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5  
136 2019-00181 2019-00181 436B7BC8-4ABD-E911-AA9E-00155D21CD232020 Ticket Price Schedule for Hollywood Bowl9/24/2019Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing PendingSupervisorial District 3  
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