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60 2018-00132 2018-00132 8133F3C5-43D9-E811-9921-00155D012915Annexation of Territory for the Formation of Zone 2A11/27/2018 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 5  
59 2018-000572-(1-5) 2018-00131 BB9A95F0-42D9-E811-9921-00155D012915Density Bonus Ordinance Update11/27/2018Ordinance AmendmentPublic Hearing Closed, Item Approved as Amended, Final Ordinance PendingSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 2 Supervisorial District 3 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5 All
61 2018-00133 2018-00133 C9FB07DD-43D9-E811-9921-00155D012915Annexation of Territory for the Formation of Zone 81, Deerlake Ranch11/27/2018 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 5  
62 2018-00134 2018-00134 060F4606-44D9-E811-9921-00155D012915Annexation of Territory for the Valencia Areawide Annex B Landscaping11/27/2018 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 5  
54 2017-005065-(1) 2018-00126 7CDE577F-20D3-E811-8EE9-00155D01274E908 North Sunset Avenue11/27/2018Appeal(s) Non-ApplicantPublic Hearing Closed, Non-Applicant Appeal Approved, Findings for Project Denial PendingSupervisorial District 1 Puente Zoned District
63 2018-00135 2018-00135 ADCDE238-48D9-E811-9921-00155D012915ESTABLISHMENT OF THE NORTHWEST HACIENDA HEIGHTS PREFERENTIAL PARKING DISTRICT11/27/2018 Public Hearing Closed, Item ApprovedSupervisorial District 4  
64 2018-00136 2018-00136 24230304-49D9-E811-9921-00155D012915EXPAND THE MARCHETA PREFERENTIAL PARKING DISTRICT11/27/2018 Public Hearing Closed, Item ApprovedSupervisorial District 5  
49 2018-00121 2018-00121 2DADF6FE-3DAA-E811-8EE9-00155D01274EDrainage Benefit Assessment Area No. 3411/27/2018 Resolution AdoptedSupervisorial District 5  
44 98187-(3) 2018-00116 633EA8DE-35AA-E811-8EE9-00155D01274EKanan Road Project10/23/2018Appeal(s)Public Hearing Closed, Appeals Denied, Findings for Approval PendingSupervisorial District 3  
51 2017-003499-(2) 2018-00123 4BF18DDC-18D3-E811-8EE9-00155D01274ETHE WEST CARSON TRANSIT ORIENTED DISTRICT SPECIFIC PLAN10/23/2018Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing Closed, Project Approved, Findings for Approval PendingSupervisorial District 2 West Carson
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