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The fourth Tuesday Board meeting of each month is reserved primarily for the purpose of conducting legally required public hearings.  Projects currently set or recently ‘heard’ at a public hearing are located at: http://bos.lacounty.gov/Board-Meeting/Public-Hearings.


Public Hearing projects are those special district proceedings, property transactions, and certain ordinances.  Included are those matters that have been appealed to the Board of Supervisors, as a result of a hearing held by the Regional Planning Commission and/or Planning Hearing Officer.  Determination of whether an item is appealable to the Board is determined by County and legislative codes.  Letters of information on appealable and non-appealable projects are issued by the Department of Regional Planning (http://planning.co.la.ca.us/).  Appeals for both applicant and appellants are required to be filed in person in the Executive Office along with submission of the proper fee.  Appeals to these hearing matters may be made by the applicant of the project and/or interested members of the public.  The project number must be included on all appeals.  The appeal form and fees links are located on the right under “Zoning Appeal Forms” and can be printed.  Questions or information on filing of an appeal can be directed to the Public Hearing Section at (213) 974-1426.  For more legal information on County appeals please refer to County Code Titles 21 and 22  https://www.municode.com/library/ca/los_angeles_county/codes/ code_of_ordinances.

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Public Hearings

500 West Temple Street, Room 383
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles County Facilities may be closed to the public. For the most current information about filing Appeals, please contact the Executive Office Public Hearings Section at:

Tel: (213) 974-1426
Fax: (213) 620-0636

E-mail: PublicHearing@bos.lacounty.gov