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Since its first meeting in 1852, the Board of Supervisors has encouraged citizen involvement and expertise to assist the Board in serving the community. Commissions were established to help the Board deal with the many and varied duties and responsibilities of local county government. Today there are 205 commissions, committees, task forces, and special district agency boards. These are created by State or Federal law, County ordinance or by action of the Board of Supervisors. The Commission for Women, the Commission on Disabilities, and various others provide forums for citizen input and accessibility to county government. The Board relies on these groups to advise them on a wide range of issues affecting their constituencies, and to assure they are responsive to community needs.

Today's Commission Services Division provides administrative and staff support to 21 County Commissions, and 5 Redevelopment Oversight Boards. This support includes planning and coordinating all commission activities, meetings, hearings and special events. Commission Services is also responsible for convening newly established commissions and providing orientation to all newly-appointed commissioners on general matters involving Los Angeles County government. Commission Services coordinates the Biannual Commissioner Networking Forum and Annual Brown Act Workshop and conducts Sunset reviews for each of the 36 Citizen's Advisory Boards.  Further, Commission Services processes all commission appointments made by the Board of Supervisors and maintains fact sheets and rosters for 205 commissions, committees, boards and task forces in accordance with State law and local ordinances.

Los Angeles County Commission Manual

Commission/Committee Factsheets and Membership Rosters

To view active members, alternates and vacancies on all Los Angeles County created Commissions, Committees, Joint Powers Authorities, self-governing Special Districts, Miscellaneous Tasks Forces and Multi-Jurisdictional Agencies please follow this link.

Factsheets and Membership Rosters

If you are interested in serving on a commission, please submit your interest for consideration.

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