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I. Citizen Advisory CommissionsII. Administrative Boards and CommitteesIII. Authorities of the CountyIV. Interagency Coordination Committees
V. Joint Powers Authorities and Other AgenciesVI. Special Purpose DistrictsVII. Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces
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Downey Cemetery DistrictVI - Special Purpose Districtshttp://www.downeyca.org/services/cs/cemetery/ CN1652 VI
Economic Development Corporation of Los Angeles CountyV - Joint Powers Authorities and other agencieshttp://laedc.org/ CN1668 V
Emergency Medical Services CommissionI - Citizen Advisory Commissionshttp://dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/!ut/p/b1/04_SjzQzNDA2NjKzNNGP0I_KSyzLTE8syczPS8wB8aPM4t0MDAzc_Z2CjfydndwMHL19XQ1C3bw9fEOMgQoikRVYmPo5GTgamJj6W3iYGDqbGhDSH64fhaoE3QRTQgoMoAoMcABHA30_j_zcVP3cqBxLzywTRQDcMaku/dl4/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmtFL1o2X0YwMDBHT0JTMk9IMkQwQUs1UTBNMUFISEk3/ CN1601 I
Employee Relations CommissionII - Administrative Boards and Committees  CN1623 II
Engineering Geology and Soils Review and Appeals BoardII - Administrative Boards and Committees  CN1609 II
Fish and Wildlife CommissionI - Citizen Advisory Commissionshttp://fishandwildlife.lacounty.gov/ CN1659 I
Foothill Municipal Water DistrictVI - Special Purpose Districtshttp://www.fmwd.com/ CN1617 VI
Foothill Transit Governing BoardV - Joint Powers Authorities and other agencieshttp://foothilltransit.org/business/board-agendas/ CN1607 V
Gateway Cities Council of GovernmentsV - Joint Powers Authorities and other agencieshttp://www.gatewaycog.org/gateway CN1692 V
Gender Responsive Advisory CommitteeI - Citizen Advisory Commissions  CN1729 I