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On February 18, 1850 the County of Los Angeles was established as one of the 27 original counties. In 1852, the Legislature created a five-member Board of Supervisors to govern the County. State law mandates that all minutes of the Board of Supervisors meetings be permanently maintained by the Executive Officer-Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and that copies of the minutes and other documents are available to the public, other agencies and County departments upon request..    

The Customer Service Center/Records Management Section maintains a full and complete record of the proceedings of each meeting held by the Board of Supervisors, as well as all other assessment and taxing districts, agencies and authorities for which the Board acts.

All records enacted by the Board prior to 1985 require archival assistance for their retrieval. These records must be researched. For record requests prior to 1985 call (213) 974-1424. The County's Auditor-Controller has set a rate of $1.17 per search request, $.03 per page, and $1 per certification including mailing as a reasonable County fee for providing these services.
You may search the records (1985 to Present) on our website by visiting our

Statement of Proceedings


The Board's record of Final Actions (Statement of Proceedings-SOP) dating from 1985 to the present are currently available on the Internet, and are easily accessed for viewing and printing from your own computer.

To search records, follow these steps:

1.  If you know the date that you're searching for, you may enter it directly into the date field or you may use the 'Popup Calendar' to choose your search begin and end dates. When you select 'popup calendar' a calendar window pops up with the current month showing. Use the single arrows to move to the appropriate month and the double arrows to move to the appropriate year. Click on 'Search'.

2.  When the search is complete, a list of items will appear on your screen. Click on the meeting link and a statement of proceedings will open.

3.  When the Statement of Proceedings (SOP) is opened, a Table of Contents will open on the left side of the screen and the SOP will appear on the right. If you entered a keyword into the search, that keyword will be highlighted on both the left and the right.

4.  When you are done searching that particular link, close-out the screen by clicking on the red x at the upper right of the screen.

5.  Continue your search by clicking on the relevant links to the left of the main screen.

For specific questions regarding searching the Board's records you may call (213) 974-1424 or send an email to executiveoffice@bos.lacounty.gov.

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