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111 R2012-00330-(5) 2017-00065 E1ACFFBF-F0C0-E711-BA65-00155D0B6C11Altadena Community Church Project11/28/2017Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing Closed, Findings for Approval AdoptedSupervisorial District 5 Altadena
67 R2015-01232-(2) 2017-00063 94AD50F4-F29F-E711-80A6-00155D0B6C11Ladera Heights/View Park – Windsor Hills Project11/21/2017Appeal (Non-Applicant)Public Hearing Closed, Item Continued for 4 WeeksSupervisorial District 2 Ladera Heights
71 2016-000019-(5) 2017-00053 CEEF58C5-2A2D-E711-8418-00155D0B6C11Sierra Hwy, Action Vacant Parcel Project10/31/2017Non-Applicant AppealFindings for Project Approval AdoptedSupervisorial District 5 Acton
72 98034-(5) 2017-00054 EB5BC867-2C2D-E711-8418-00155D0B6C11Hasley Canyon, Castaic Appeal10/31/2017Non-Applicant AppealFindings, Conditions and Order AdoptedSupervisorial District 5 Castaic
65 2016-000334-(4) 2017-00061 3213EDCC-C994-E711-80A6-00155D0B6C11Mobilehome Park Project10/24/2017Non-Applicant AppealPublic Hearing Closed, Project Approved, Findings for Approval PendingSupervisorial District 4 Rowland Heights
2 2017-00067 2017-00067 23862542-05D6-E711-B89E-00155D012743Valinda & Whittier St. Lighting District Annexation & Levying of Assessments for CLMD & CLDLLA-110/24/2017Legislative ProjectApprovedSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 4  
3 2017-00068 2017-00068 2A854132-06D6-E711-B89E-00155D012743Rancho Dominguez Street Vacation10/24/2017Legislative ProjectApprovedSupervisorial District 2 Rancho Dominguez
4 2017-00069 2017-00069 9C12E8C2-06D6-E711-B89E-00155D012743Covina Senior & Community Center10/24/2017Legislative ProjectApprovedSupervisorial District 5  
109 2017-003637-(1-5) 2017-00060 50BABE8B-DF8D-E711-9D3B-00155D0B6C11Community Climate Action Plan Implementation Ordinance10/24/2017Legislative ProjectPublic Hearing Closed, Project Approved, Final Ordinance PendingSupervisorial District 1 Supervisorial District 2 Supervisorial District 3 Supervisorial District 4 Supervisorial District 5 All
73 R2004-00559-(4) 2017-00055 75209793-124B-E711-8418-00155D0B6C11Chiquita Canyon Landfill, LLC7/25/2017Appeal(s)Public Hearing Closed, Appeals Denied, Findings for Approval PendingSupervisorial District 5 Castaic
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