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How to Participate

In Person Participation:

  • On designated Board meeting days: Board Hearing Room, located at 500 West Temple Street, Room 381-B, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Agendas are available online here: Agenda
  • You may sign up for items on the posted agenda using the Kiosks located outside and inside the Board Hearing Room
  • You may also sign up with your cellular phone or device using the QR codes posted outside and inside the Board Hearing Room
  • Your name will be called and displayed on the screen when it is your turn to address the Board

Remote / Telephonic Participation:

  • Starting at 9:00 a.m. PDT, call the phone number listed on the meeting Agenda
  • Once prompted, enter the Participant Code number, then press #
  • An Operator will take your name and item number(s) you wish to address and place you in a “listening-only” queue.
  • Please listen carefully to the instructions on providing live testimony to the Board.
    • You will need to press 1 then 0 to be moved into a “speaking“ queue when the item(s) you wish to address is called.
    • You will hear, “You are in queue.”
  • When it is your turn, the moderator will call your name and open your phone line.
    • Note: Your line will be muted when your time expires, and you will be moved back to the “listening-only” queue.
    • Note: If you press 1 then 0 twice, you will hear, “You are removed from the queue.”
    • If you are inadvertently removed, you may press 1 then 0 to be placed back into the “speaking” queue.
  • For additional instructions and tips, please visit our website at: Call-in Instructions and Tips

(NOTE:  The Call-In Phone Number and Participant Code can change from meeting to meeting.)

When You’re Called on To Speak:

  • The moderator will call your name and open your line.
  • You must pay close attention to the meeting to know when the agenda item you wish to speak on has been called and it is your time to speak.
  • You may be asked to state your name and the agenda item(s) you will address, including general public comment.
  • You must ensure your microphone is unmuted before speaking.
  • Turn down any other device before you unmute your line.
  • You may speak for the allotted time.
  • Please stay on topic or the moderator may move to the next speaker.

To View ONLY:

  • Watch the Board meeting Live online HERE
  • YouTube
  • Rewatch the meeting on the Wednesday after the Board meeting at 11:00 p.m. on KLCS.

To Listen ONLY:

  • Call (877) 873-8017 and enter the access code when prompted:
    • For English: 111111
    • For Spanish: 222222

(NOTE: Callers cannot address the Board using this number!)

To Submit Written Comments:

  • To provide written comments on agenda items, use the following link:
  • Complete information at the top of the comment page (Note: First and Last names are required fields.)
  • Choose the agenda item(s) that you wish to address.
  • Select In Favor, Oppose, Other
    • Optional: You may submit comments for each item separately or upload a document with all of your comments. (Attachment limit is 5 documents.)
  • Select “Next”
  • Verify the information is correct and select “Acknowledge” to submit.
  • All comments submitted are public and viewable online.
  • This page is updated at the end of each day.


To Request Accommodations or Translator:

  • Requests for a translator, reasonable modification or accommodation from individuals with disabilities, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act, can be made by contacting the Customer Service Desk at (213) 974-1411.