Workstations Kiosks

Computer Workstation

There are three workstations located in the Customer Service Center. Each workstation has a computer with Internet access to Government sites (County, City, State) and to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint) .   

One of the three workstations is ADA compliant with a large/bright keyboard and font for the visually impaired as well as a larger stationary mouse for those with limited mobility.  



The primary function of the Kiosks is to allow the public to select and print specific Agenda Items as well as a copy of the associated Board letter and/or motion. This will minimize the use of the paper-based agenda booklet and free up resources for other operational tasks.   

The Kiosks are located in various areas around the Board Room (Room 381-B), the Customer Service Center and Lancaster Public Library and are able to provide the public and County with a quick and available means to access and print the Agenda information and Supplemental Agenda for the current Board meeting.   

In keeping with the County's concern for the environment, Kiosk hardcopy print-outs of the agenda items should be limited to the item summary by itself. Should you need complete backup documentation/attachments for a particular item, please visit the Customer Service Center located in the Board of Supervisors' Executive Office, 500 W. Temple Street, Room 383, Los Angeles, CA 90012.